Afternoon walk

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We have been sitting on our bottoms for more than a couple of months now, not exactly proud of it but it is what it is. There are bad days (which in actuality are kind of good, lol) when we would just drown under the folds of our uneventful day with TV series marathons and 2-hour naps but there are also good (active!) days when we would do chores, run errands, and go on walks around our little city. 

I admit, I've never been one who submits herself to torture—I mean exercise—so Phillip had to do some major convincing. He lovingly turned our afternoon walks into photowalks during sunset.

I have always been a bokeh girl since Flickr days (6-ish years ago?!) so it's nice I get to use his 1.4 nifty-fifty this time—I just had to trade my Canon for his Pentax. What a horror, haha, kidding—half kidding.

I  felt I had wonky upper limbs, yes, but I missed having a dlsr in my hand. There's comfort in knowing this kind of feeling can exist again.

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