WTA#40 | One

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I have been very busy lately, the days just seem to speed right in front of my eyes. It starts and it ends and in the in betweens, I am mostly too tired, or too sad, or a little of both to really have time to dwell on it. I just wish it gets faster so I can go home already.

Le sigh.

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WTA#39 | Yellow

Monday, November 21, 2011

I've actually taken this picture for the purpose of WTA but an Anon in Tumblr asked for a picture of my favorite spot in my room sooooo I posted this (forgot to post it here after, sarreh). This seems familiar because I already uploaded a couple from this spot before, heh. It's my favorite because not only is the light alright (the only window in my room is beside it), but it houses my books, my snitch, my Beatles alarm clock that I rarely use, and my new roommate - a goldfish named Jack that you'll meet soon. I'm rambling.

Anyway, welcome Nova, and Carlo who has just recently joined WTA. :) I've been gushing to Phillip how this project has grown and how it's exciting it has been to have these guys do this with us. I couldn't ask for better classmates. :)

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WTA#38 | Aqua

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm late I'm late I know but I really wanted to do a cookie splash thingy but just didn't have the space for it, sadface, so I settled for this instead. :p Taken by my iPhone with the Hipstamatic app. 

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Live in another country for more than a year

Friday, November 11, 2011

I have been staying in Saudi Arabia for a little more than two years and a half now. While I'm almost used to eating no pork, no alcohol consumption, and no Christmas season, I can't say the same about missing everyone at home.

See Big and Little Ben

London, England
June 2010, March 2011

Own a pug

Thursday, November 10, 2011

© Phillip Biboso
My boyfriend and I bought a pug. He was born on July but was released to us around the first week of September. He's now almost 4 times heavier than his weight when he arrived. Look at that sexy face.

See him and his band play

Koronadal City
December 30, 2011

See snow fall

Aspen, Colorado
March 2011

Eat Spaghetti in Italy

The funny thing (or not so funny thing) about hotel food is that they cost a lot more but doesn't taste just as good. The best Spaghetti I've had in Italy however came 2 months after, in another region, from a little restaurant in the mall.

Luna Hotel Baglioni, Venice, Italy
July 2011

Photograph the Eiffel Tower in Black and White

Paris, France
October 2010

54 things to do before turning 45

In the spirit of 11-11-11 (make a wish, etcetera, etcetera), I have decided to gather and put into a list the things I would like to accomplish hopefully in the near future a.k.a. before I turn 45. Some of these I have done already – bookmarked and tucked into a corner in my mind or hard drive; revisited once in a while to remind myself how by some stroke of good luck, I was able to do what I have always wanted to.

For better documentation, I will try to do a blog post for each of the ones I have already crossed out.

*54 things to do before turning 45:
1. Photograph the Eiffel Tower in black and white
2. Eat Spaghetti in Italy 
3. See Jack Johnson en concert
4. Go on a road trip
5. Make bread from scratch
6. Photowalk with him around our hometown
7. Be a volunteer for a charitable institution
8. Own a film camera and shoot in film
9. Drink Butterbeer in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
10. Go to New York
11. Write on a journal from cover to cover
12. See him and his band play
13. Build my parents a new house
14. Sun flare kiss
15. See snow fall
16. Mail a secret to PostSecret
17. Attend a photography workshop
18. Get a tattoo
19. See the Great Pyramid of Giza
20. Light and release a sky lantern
21. Back pack across more than a couple of countries in Asia
22. Watch all 6 Star Wars feature films
23. Set foot on Abbey Road
24. Buy a domain name
25. See Big and Little Ben
26. Live in another country for more than a year
27. See the sun rise in Ankor Wat
28. Explore Batanes
29. Eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant
30. Learn to play a musical instrument
31. Social media detox for 30 straight days
32. Own a pair of black heels and actually use them
33. Own a pug
34. Scuba dive
35. Reach my goal weight
36. Learn to drive a car
37. Complete a 365 project
38. Spend the night in a tent
39. Swim in the middle of the ocean without a life jacket
40. Organise a game night with friends
41. Spend one whole day at the park, cellphone-less
42. Climb a mountain
43. Go on a date night in a European country
44. Solve a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle
45. Make someone a mixtape
46. Get published
47. Learn a third language
48. Become a blood donor
49. Camp out in a music festival
50. Kiss in a photobooth
51. Raise tiny humans
52. Be taken by surprise
53. Marry the man I love
54. Witness something spectacular

* - not in particular order
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“There’s a plane leaving for anywhere you want right now, and in an hour, and in a day, and in a year. You can get out whenever you want, it’s comforting I think.”

Milan, Italy
September 2011

There is a story here somewhere

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Let me get back at you though. I'll write about how I spent this day when I wake up. Too pooped. Goodnight!

WTA#37 | Little

Thursday, November 03, 2011

I'm doomed for the next theme. Heh.

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WTA#36 | Retro

Don'ts for Husbands and Don'ts for Wives are facsimile editions of the original books published by A&C Black in 1913. 

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